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  1. Super Secret Science Job Email Chains
  2. The Low Road to Moral Success
  3. Beauty & the Beard
  4. Two Guys, One Bullet
  5. Who’s the Father?
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In this week’s podcast, Leonard F Chikarason and Vin Gerard discuss WWE signing El Generico, how to find Rosario Dawson nude on the internet and our favorite Podcast Title Submissions.

Here’s the Cliffnotes to help you skip around as you please:

  • Branding your Podcast
  • CM Punk hangin out with Bad Ass Old Men
  • How important it is for you to click the Amazon banner
  • Kevin Nash’s connection to awesome movies
  • Count the ways we grow further off-topic
  • How to find Rosario Dawson nude on the Internet
  • The New MySpace with Justin Timberlake
  • Explaining Facebook’s Graph Search
  • SnapChat, IsAnyoneUp and Chatroulette
  • Charles Ross gets arrested for giving wedgies
  • Thoughts on El Generico signing with the WWE
  • Wrestling in Montreal with Blk Jeez, Akuma & Joe Gacy
  • Potential Wrestlemania Matches
  • http://www.nationalprowrestlingday.com
  • Discussing our favorite Podcast Title Submissions
  • … and Monty Brown just because he’s awesome!